Our Galley

Our Galley
Cooking on a boat should be fun. It is slightly, no, a lot different to cooking in your stable kitchen. Not always is the sea all turquoise water and postcard calm. Pots and pans love to skim off benches, the oven, if not secured correctly, loves to open by itself and throw your latest creation across the galley floor. Living onboard is so much simpler and easier with little imagination and a relaxed approach. This will get the best out of your galley and you. I just love cooking seafood that we catch and fresh produce we gather onboard "Our Dreamtime" during our travels. You will find my recipes easy to follow and they won't take a lot of time to prepare in your galley afloat or kitchen ashore. It’s all about leaving time to enjoy life! I used to mix all my own herbs and spices but no longer. Now my secret to quick and tasty gourmet meals is the YIAH range (Your Inspiration at Home). These are all-natural seasonings, spices, salts and other items inspired by ethnic regions and custom blended to make cooking fast, simple and healthy. Take a look at the YIAH page below for details. I hope you enjoy Our Galley.

Today's Recipe

Today's Featured Recipe

Meet the not-so-humble pie, this is Our Galley's remedy for winter blues. Think sweet potato, chicken and Italian herbs ... a great combo for winter comfort food.

Try our Winter Rose Pie. A one pot pie with the flavours of Winter.

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Some of my recipes feature YIAH Spice Blend products.
 If you don't have YIAH Products all good .... try our special range  Our Galley Spice Recipes ... as substitutes for YIAH.

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