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Let's talk ..... Cooking Meat

There are really only two ways to cook any piece of meat. Hot and fast, or low and slow. Anything in between is liable to end in toughness.
This principle applies whether you are stewing, roasting, steaming, grilling, barbecuing, boiling, frying, or indeed microwaving. Before you start, you need to decide whether you are going fast or slow.

1. Use High Heat to Develop Flavour
Browning creates flavour and is a key step when cooking meat. This happens through a process called the Maillard reaction. This reaction occurs when the amino acids and sugars in the food are subjected to heat, which causes them to combine. In turn, hundreds of different flavour compounds are created. When browning meat, you want a deep brown sear and a discernibly thick crust on all sides—best obtained by quick cooking over high heat.
To ensure that meat browns properly, make sure the meat is dry before it goes into the pan; pat it thoroughly with paper towels. This is important with previously frozen meat, which o…

Funky Beets

Whether you roast it whole, blend into a classic soup or drink as juice beetroot is low in fat, full of vitamins and minerals and packed with powerful antioxidants. So why do so many people turn their nose up at Beets. My only explanation for this is that they only know the canned variety. Rob refused to each beetroot until he tasted baked baby beets ..... Fresh raw beetroots have a crunchy texture that turns soft and buttery when they are cooked. Beet leaves have a lively, bitter taste similar to chard and ca be used in so many ways .... so no throwing them away!

Like many modern vegetables, beetroot was first cultivated by the Romans. By the 19th century it held great commercial value when it was discovered that beets could be converted into sugar. Many classic beetroot recipes are associated with central and Eastern Europe including the famous beetroot soup known as Borscht. Beetroot's earthy charm has resulted in its influence on todays fashionable menus and recipes. Its deli…

Food Porn ... or is it just an appreciation for good food?

Food Porn what a title .... The term “Food Porn,” believe it or not, wasn’t coined in the age of Instagram, but was in fact first entered into the cultural vortex by feminist critic Rosalind Coward, in her the 1984 book Female Desire. Food porn, defined, means images of food presented in such an appealing and, well, titillating way — more delicious than health-conscious — that that food could substitute for sex. But I do love the new craze of taking photos of that delicious food before you attack it. As the cook you put a lot of effort into selecting the ingredient, cooking and creating that sometimes its nice when your guests oooh and arrrrh and take the pic to bolster their social media pages .... 
Social media, after all, has made us hyper-visual creatures. According to the website, “The mere sight of delicious food stimulates the appetite. A study on healthy young men has documented that the amount of the neurosecretory protein hormone ghrelin in the blood increase…

Brunch is worth waiting for ..

Do you love hanging out for a nice breakfast/brunch with friends or just a breaky for two? I do! Breakfast is my one my favourite meals of the day, especially when you have time to enjoy it. 

All to often though breakfast is normally rushed between getting kids ready and you out the door in time for work. For us it is sometimes that we are leaving an anchorage before dawn; or we are on a long passage meaning breakfast is required to be made in whatever weather conditions are present.  

Breakfast is the first opportunity of the day to start nourishing yourself and can be up to 1/3 of your total daily nutrient intake. So it is important to make sure you're choosing nutritious options. For many people, it will be few hours until the next meal or snack, so if this is the case it's just as important to make sure it's something that will give you plenty of lasting energy and keep you full throughout the morning.
So I've put together what are our favourite fast fuel breakfasts a…

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